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Lawn Sculptures on ABCNews Tampa Mowz

Today Brendan McLaughlin interviewed Noel Suders at Lawn Sculptures about an app called MOWZ coming to the Tampa area. ABC Action News Tampa Full Article   Smart phone app “Mowz” promises to become the Uber of lawn mowers Lawn service

Can I Over water my garden?

Don’t Drown Your Gardens! How to Avoid Overwatering Plants   You want to make sure your gardens are receiving an optimal amount of moisture, but you’re not sure how to avoid overwatering plants? We have all been there before. Every gardener


Local Help

Local People that Help. Lets be honest, some times we all need some kind of help. Either one project takes longer, it was way more involved then what you were expecting, or just an extra set of hands or eyes

Start a Vegetabe garden

Vegetable Garden Tampa

Vegetable Gardens in Tampa I know that you may not have time to maintain your lawn and need a professional service like ours. BUT that does not mean you don’t want to. We live in Florida; we love the weather

The right amount of plants

Selecting the right number of plants for your flowerbed Greenfest is coming up and I have to remind myself that less is more.  I need less plants to fill in an area in my garden that I think.   It’s kind